Language-Based Partnership Program

Do you have large clients base?
Do you have great and friendly staff?
Do you have linguistic skills to support your clients?
IMMFX offers Language Based Partnership (LBP) program for potential partners whom have a large clients’ base.


For serious and active partners only

Language Based Partners (LBP) must sign up for IB program then, after coming to an agreement on the specific language to support with IMMFX Team; our IT Department will place your affiliate link on all open an account related pages/buttons; which, means you get a great chance of having more clients online whom speak your language via our IMMFX website.

IMMFX will give you and your staff all necessary credentials to use BackOffice and Chat Support.

Partners must translate all IMMFX’s system emails, web pages, upcoming news and marketing tools in order to expand and grow with IMMFX in your own language.

Partners must start up with at least three to five professionals and well trained employees; this part is scalable as IMMFX business should expand in your region, in parallel; the team must also expand in order to meet up with the needed support in your language.

Partners must cover all offline/online language related support.

IMMFX and (LBP) Language Partners will coordinate all marketing tools such ads, email campaigns, Social media marketing and all necessary promotions.

IMMFX and (LBP) Language Partners will negotiate further terms in depth as needed.

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