Asset Managers (AMs)

Asset Managers (AMs) are able to introduce clients to managed account programs or simply introduce them to trade on their own, like IB Partners.

Steps to open a partner account

Submit application
Fill out our online account opening form in about 5 minutes; no printing necessary.
Upload identification
IMMFX accepts any other government-issued photographic identification and utility bill/bank statement less than three months old.
Fund account
Fund with bank wire transfer, Perfect Money, or any other available funding method.
Open an AM account
When you open an AM account, you can create your own Managed Account Programs and set minimum deposits, performance fees, and managed fees for each program. You can promote your affiliate link and find interested clients for your programs. You will receive a rebate in your fee/rebate account whenever a client opens a trading or managed account through your affiliate link.
If your clients join your Managed Account Program, then their funds will be added to your MT4 master account. You can trade using their funds, receive rebates, and earn performance fees. However, you won’t have access to withdraw any funds or profits, which gives your clients peace of mind. When you trade with your master account, your trade size will be divided among your clients as a percentage fitting their fund sizes. Sometimes your managed account clients experience unusual trade sizes like 0.001 or 1.355 due to the size of their funds within the total funds you trade.
During your trading activities as an AM, your client will only have access to their managed account from their BackOffice, and will have no access to the MT4 platform to trade using their funds. As an AM, you will receive your rebate daily while receiving your performance fees on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, in your fee/rebate account according to your preference and settings.
If your clients leave your Managed Account Program, then their funds will be removed from your MT4 master account and the portion of the trades on their account will be closed, while you still generate rebates from their self-trading activities.

Shared managed program

Other IBs can offer your managed account programs to their own clients, which gives you more opportunities to expand your managed business.

Shared rebate

If IBs offer your managed programs to their clients as a shared managed program, then they will receive rebates in their own landing accounts from each transaction you make in your master account. You can agree with them to share that rebate if you want, and then contact IMMFX support to arrange this partnership.

Master account

For each managed program created, a master on the AM’s MT4 account will be added to their BackOffice, and they benefit from the following features when they trade with these master accounts:
Available instruments Currencies + Energies + Metals + Indices + Stocks + Cryptocurrencies
Spreads* Starting from 1.1*
Leverage 100:1
Minimum Lot 0.1 lot on most instruments. 10 lots on Stocks and Cryptos.
For more details about the lowest transaction sizes, right-click on the “Market Watch” window specifically on the desktop platform, and then click on “Specifications”.
Minimum Deposit Depends on AM program
Swap Free
Commission $8 per traded lot on currencies and metals.
$18 per traded lot on stock indices and energies.
1% of the trade or notional value on individual stocks and Cryptos.
Maximum open + pending orders 1000
Margin Call 100%
Stop Out 30%
Execution Type Market Execution
Order types All order types except close by and multiple close by
Rebate type Commission
Rebate amount FXMajors $6
FXCrosses $6
FXExotic $6
Gold $6
Silver $6
CFDs-Cash $6
Stocks 0.05 %
Cryptos 0.05%
EAs Enabled
Platform MT4 -PC / Mobile / MAM
*The spreads shown above are available under normal market conditions. Note that spreads depend on current market conditions, which may vary and cause spreads to be narrower or wider depending on market conditions and liquidity.

Performance fees and rebates

AMs receive performance fees as they set in their managed program, and these will be credited into their fee/rebate account at the end of the period or when the managed account leaves a program.
AMs receive rebate in Fee/Rebate Account at the end of the day when they trade with their master account(s), and when self-traders trade their accounts, like regular IBs.

Rebate type

There are generally three types of rebate that an IB/AM can receive from any brokerage firm:
  • A portion of the spread is sometimes returned to the IB/AM. This varies from one instrument to another. (ex. 0.5 pips of EURUSD is not equal to 0.5 pips of USDJPY)
  • A fixed amount of money in USD may be paid to the IB/AM per lot that is traded.
  • A percentage of the trade or notional value.
IMMFX gives rebates to IBs/AMs in the form of fixed commissions in USD per lot traded on most instruments, and a percentage of the notional value for stocks and cryptocurrencies. Half of the rebate is given when a trade is opened, with the rest following after the trade is closed


All trades originate from a master,and are then allocated to each affiliated slave, based on its relative equity to the total equity of all slaves. Once an allocation is made, the amount allocated does not change – not when the trade is closed or partially closed. The remainder of a partially closed trade will be allocated in the same way as the original trade.
A few points that are often inquired about:
  • MAM retains the original allocation ratio of trades, and changes in account equities due to deposits/withdrawals, or changes in the number of accounts under the master do not alter the original allocation of the trades
  • Trade sizes, profits, losses, commissions, and swaps are allocated to an accuracy of 0.0000001.
  • The allocations are equity-based. There is currently no other allocation method.

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