Metals and energy available for trading in low costs

Metal and energy commodities

IMMFX offers superior trading platform, fast and efficient execution, the industry’s lowest margin requirements and outstanding opportunity to trade Metals and Energies. You can trade as little as 1 ounce  on Gold, 50 ounces on Silver, 10 barrels on U.S OIL, 10 barrels on U.K OIL and 100 mmBtu on natural gas.

Why trade metals and energy through IMMFX?

  • No re-quotes on all metal products, giving you fast, efficient trade execution without expensive re-quotes.
  • Greater ease of trading. Gold and Silver are traded alongside currencies on IMMFX Trading Station, providing you with convenient, intuitive, one-click trading.
  • Generous leverage. Trading in the futures market requires large contracts – $4000 margin to maintain a 100-ounce position is common. In the futures market leverage is usually limited to 25 to 1.
  • Hedging capability. You can go long or short spot gold in the same account and hedge your positions.
  • Advanced charting. Trade gold from IMMFX’s advanced charting package.
XPTUSD (Platinum)
XPDUSD (Palladium)
Energies (Brent) (WTI Crude Oil) Gas)

Metals and energy contract specifications

Commodities Contract size Digits Tick size* Tick price** Notional value*** Margin per Lot Minimal volume Commission Stop levels Trading hours (GMT+2) Monday – Friday
XAUUSD (GOLD VS USD) 100 Ounces 2 0.01 USD 1 100 × XAUUSD Price (A) 1% × Notional Value (B) 0.01 Lot $8 30 Daily, 01:00 – 23:55 (C)
XAUEUR (GOLD VS EUR) 100 Ounces 2 0.01 EUR 1 100 × XAUEUR Price (A) 1% × Notional Value (B) × EURUSD Rate 0.01 Lot $8 30 Daily, 01:00 – 23:55 (C)
XAGUSD (SILVER) 5000 ounces 3 0.001 USD 5 5000 × XAGUSD Price (A) 1% × Notional Value (B) 0.01 Lot $8 30 Daily, 01:00 – 23:55 (C)
XPTUSD (Platinum) 100 Ounces 2 0.01 USD 1 100 × XPTUSD Price (A) 1% × Notional Value (B) 0.01 Lot $8 30 Daily, 01:00 – 23:55 (C)
XPDUSD (Palladium) 100 Ounces 2 0.01 USD 1 100 × XPDUSD Price (A) 1% × Notional Value (B) 0.01 Lot $8 30 Daily, 01:00 – 23:55 (C) (Brent) 1000 Barrels 2 0.01 USD 10 1000 × (A) Price 4% × Notional Value 0.01 Lot $12 9 Daily, 03:00 – 24:00 (WTI Crude Oil) 1000 Barrels 2 0.01 USD 10 1000 × Price (A) 4% × Notional Value 0.01 Lot $12 10 Daily, 01:00 – 24:00 Gas) 10000 mmBtu 3 0.001 USD 30 10000 × NGAS Price (A) 1% × Notional Value 0.01 Lot $12 10 Daily, 01:00 – 24:00
* Tick Size is the minimum price fluctuation
**Tick Price is the value of Tick Size.
***Notional Value = Contract Size * Commodity Price.
(A) Current market price when you open your trade
(B) Margin per lot depends on 1:100 leverage. Please note that you can only change leverage on GOLD and Silver from your BackOffice.
(C) Market close at 23:50 on Fridays.

Margin example

Margin for metals will be calculated as the following:

Lots × Contract Size × Market Price /Leverage.
Example (1): If an account has 1:400 leverage and opens a  1 lot of XAUUSD (at 1300) , Margin requirement: 1 lot × 100 Ounces × 1300 /400 = $325
.Example (2): If an account has 1:500 leverage and opens a 0.6 lots of XAGUSD (at 17) Margin requirement:  0.6 lots × 5000 ounces × 17 /500=$102.

Margin for energies will be calculated as the following:

Lots × Contract Size × Market Price × 1/100
For example: Margin requirement for 1 lot of (at 41.50) 1 lot × 1000 Barrels × 41.50 ×1/100 = $415.
Please note that leverage on Energies can not be changed form your BackOffice.

Profit calculations

Profit for all metals and energies shown above will be calculated as the following:
(close price-open price)× Contract Size × Lots
For example: If you bought 5 lots of at 41.00 and you managed to close your trade at 41.50, then your profit will be (41,50-41,00) × 1000 Barrels × 5 lots = $2500.
Please note that the above way of profit calculations would apply to losses calculations as well in the same manner.

Forex trading hours

Server Time is subject to Daylight Savings Time (DST), which begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.
Winter: GMT+2
Summer: GMT+3 (DST)

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