Trader BackOffice

Manage all aspects of your trading account with your own fully-featured IMMFX BackOffice that lets you easily deposit or withdraw funds, update your client profile, review your trading history and activity, and more.

Partner BackOffice

The Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is a robust platform that enables IBs and Asset Managers to manage their clients' accounts, execute manual trades, configure expert advisors, view earnings, create managed programs, and more.

Managed account tools overview

The MAM (Multi-Asset Management) system is a robust platform for managed accounts with automated master tools to help money managers grow both their businesses and profits – no more group limits or trade size restrictions.

Automatic calculations

Easily calculate performance and management fees while constantly tracking high watermarks. Approve the automated calculations and send payouts from all slave accounts within a few clicks.

Eliminate master/slave groups

During your trading activities as an Asset Manager your client will have access to their managed account from their BackOffice only. However, they will have no access to MT4 platform.

MAM independent managed accounts

As an Asset Manager, you can create your own Managed Account Program/s and set minimum deposit, performance fees, managed fees for each Program.

Refined allocations

Remove limitations on trade distribution with allocation of placements up to 6 decimal places. Master accounts are allowed to accept smaller minimums, and therefore attract a wider variety of clients.

Equity stop-out

Attract more traders to managed programs with the ability to set equity value stop-outs that protect their downside and close out positions automatically.

Digital LPOA

Remove tedious manual workload by providing a 100% digital LPOA that speeds up account joining and offers traders the option to connect to a master account directly from the broker portal.
With the exclusive BackOffice for Partner accounts, you can feel the freedom and gain maximum efficiency as an IMMFX Partner:
  • Dashboard: Get notifications for your recent activity, check latest client changes, client transactions, see volume overview and watch latest market news.
  • My accounts: Get detailed reports on all aspects of your account.
  • Transfers: Perform internal transfers, withdraw funds, and consult transfer history.
  • Documents: Upload personal identification and address verification documents.
  • My clients: Check your client lists here.
  • Sales leads: Add, check, and follow-up on your sales leads here; you don’t need another platform to manage your sales leads.
  • Profile: Check or update your personal and contact information, add banking information, manage fee groups and managed account programs, as well as get your affiliate link.

Additional Features

Only master accounts exist in MT4, while slaves are web-based accounts displayed on the client BackOffice, with no corresponding accounts in MT4. All activity on the master is allocated to the slaves, including commissions and swaps. Since the slaves are not in MT4, the allocations are not restricted to limitations of the trading platform in terms of the size of the trade being allocated. (ex. not limited to 0.01)
  • Easy account onboarding
  • Eliminate master/slave groups
  • Independent managed accounts
  • Refined position allocation
  • Equity stop-out
  • High watermark tracking
  • KYC document center
  • Performance analytics
  • 100% digital LPOA
  • Automated fee calculations

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