Trading conditions and execution mechanisms

The following trading conditions are subject to change without prior notice, from time to time, at our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these trading conditions by updating them on this page and/or notifications by email.
If you are a current IMMFX client or planning to open an account later, you must read these conditions carefully and agree to any future changes. If you do not agree with these trading conditions, please do not create a trading account, or contact our support team immediately.
The following trading conditions are subject to change without prior notice, from time to time, at our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these trading conditions by updating them on this page and/or notifications by email.
If you are a current IMMFX client or planning to open an account later, you must read these conditions carefully and agree to any future changes. If you do not agree with these trading conditions, please do not create a trading account, or contact our support team immediately.

Trading account preference

IMMFX offers two trading accounts suitable for all types of traders. In Prime Account. You can trade currencies, metals, energies, stock indices, individual stocks, or cryptocurrencies, from same account and on sameMT4 platform. Or you can open Zero Account to trade currencies, metals, energies and indices with zero commissions. For any account-related inquiry, assistance or to change your account type, please send an email to

Account opening minimum

IMMFX account require a minimum initial deposit of $100, after which, you can fund your account by as much as you want.

Account currency

IMMFX accounts are denominated in US dollars. Any non-USD margin or commission will be converted to USD.


The bonuses are a percentage of your deposit will be added as a credit to your account upon request according to our recent campaign. We don’t accept bonus hunting and external or internal hedging, aimed at profiting from the bonus percentage. Please note that bonuses are given for beginners and  not available to all countries, and that the company may refuse to give it to any professional customer, as needed. For full details, please refer to Bonus terms and conditions.


MetaTrader 4 (MT4) (immfx4setup, 3.5Mb)

Account and transaction details

To view our tradable instruments, simply go to the Market Watch window on the MT4 platform, right-click on any of the listed symbols, and then select hide all, show all, or symbol.
Instruments Folder on MT4 Specification Minimum lot Maximum lot Steps Leverage Leverage type Commissions
Prime Account Zero Account
Currencies Major Currencies Majors Click here 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD 0
Crosses Crosses 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD 0
Exotics Exotics 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD Not Available
Metals Gold Gold Click here 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD 0
Silver Silver 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD 0
Platinum Exotics 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD Not Available
Palladium Exotics 0.01 50 0.01 500:1 Flexible 8 USD Not Available
Energies Oil + Natural Gas CFDs-Cash Click here 0.01 5 0.01 1% Fixed 12 USD 0
Stock Market indices and more CFDs Stock Market indices + Dollar Index + Copper CFDs-Cash Click here 0.01 5 0.01 0.5-10% Fixed 12 USD 0
Individual Shares European + American Stocks Stocks Click here 1 10,000 1 10:1 Fixed 0.008 Not Available
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin
IOTA and more Pairs
Cryptos Click here 0.01 5 0.01 20:1 Fixed 0.008 Not Available
Cryptos Alt 0.10 50 0.10 20:1 Fixed 0.008 Not Available
Cryptos SmlCap 1 500 1 20:1 Fixed 0.008 Not Available
Cryptos Alt2 1 500 1 20:1 Fixed 0.008 Not Available


Prime Account. The costs associated with trading are the commission fees charged by IMMFX for each executed trade. The commission is displayed with trade on the MT4 platform. Please note that you can trade with no commission in Zero Account

Minimum transaction volume

Using our MetaTrader 4 platform you can trade Forex market and most instruments with the smallest size of the lot which is 0.01 while the minimum trade size on stocks and cryptos is 1 lot

Maximum lot size per ticket

Depending on the types of instruments you trade or symbol folders on the platform, the maximum lot size per transaction (ticket) you can trade may vary. You can find the list of instruments and their respective maximum lot size limitations on the table above, or by right-clicking on MarketWatch, then clicking on specification, on the MT4 platform.


Lot size steps are the minimum lot size when you want to add trades. For majors, the next step lot size is 0.01. Therefore, when you place a trade with the minimum lot 0.01, your next step will be 0.02 lots, while the minimum size is 1 in stocks and Cryptos, meaning the next step lot size is 2 lots.


Leverage is flexible on currencies, gold, and silver, and you can request for changes directly from your IMMFX BackOffice at However, oil, gas, stock market indices, individual stocks, and cryptocurrencies, all have fixed leverage that cannot be changed.


Variable spread on all trading instruments: very tight in normal market conditions, but may vary due to market volatility, liquidity, and newsreleases.
Note: You may experience higher than usual spreads especially on Crosses or exotic currency pairs at the end of the day or when markets close at the weekend. IMMFX is not responsible for such unusual high spreads, and may not accept any complaints regarding these. Planning your trades according to these terms is a must.

Margin requirements

  • The margin for forex and metals will be calculated as the following: Lots × Contract Size ÷Leverage× Currency Pair Current Exchange Rate.
  • The margin for stock indices will be calculated as the following: Lots × Contract Size × Market Price × Percentage ÷100.
  • The margin for USOIL, UKOIL and NGAS will be calculated as the following: Margin: Lots × Contract Size × Market Price × 1 ÷100
  • The margin for individual stocks will be calculated as the following: number of lots × market price × 10%. Please note that margins in EUR will be converted to USD on the platform automatically.
  • The margin for cryptos will be calculated as the following: number of lots × market price × 20%. Please note that the margin in currencies other than USD will be converted to USD on the platform automatically.
For more details see the following links:

Default lot sizes

Currencies 100,000 currency units
GOLD 100 Ounces
Silver 5,000 Ounces
USOIL (WTI Crude Oil) 1,000 Barrels
UKOIL (Brent) 1,000 Barrels
Natural Gas 10,000 mmBtu
Stock Market Indices Click here for more details
Individual Stocks 1 share per lot
Cryptocurrencies 1 coin per lot
Traders can select 0.10 or 0.01 lots or even 0.11 to transact on most of these symbols. For more details, visit Contract Specifications

Order types

  • Market execution: Buy or Sell at market prices
  • Pending orders: Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop
  • Position management orders: Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Close by and Multiple close by
Please note: Buy stop, Sell stop orders, and stop loss, are subject to slippage in fast market movements, and there is no 100 % guarantee of getting your pre-defined price.
All orders are GTC. (Pendings are good to cancel)

Stop/Limit level

From 0 pips on currency pairs and metals and from 50 pips or as permitted on the platform for indices and energies. Stop/limit levels are the minimum distance from the market current price needed to place limit or stop orders. For more details, see Contract Specifications

Maximum simultaneous open orders

Maximum open + pending orders: 1,000

Execution types

Market execution, without “Dealing Desk”. No re-quotes or delays with Straight Through Processing (STP).

Daily trading break

There is a daily 5-minute break in trading from 23:58-00:03 server time. Clients are able to see the prices streaming during this break. No orders can be placed, nor any pre-existing orders can be executed during this time. This is done to protect the Stop Loss positions from getting hit by the potential spread spike, which may occur during the rollover time when Liquidity Providers reset their pricing for the new trading day at 00:00 server time (which is 17:00 New York City).

Trading hours

From 00:05 on Sunday to 23:55 on Friday, according to our server time (GMT+3).
Please note that our server Time is subject to Daylight Savings Time (DST), which begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.
  • Winter: GMT+2
  • Summer: GMT+3 (DST)

Margin call

The margin level is the percentage value based on the amount of accessible usable margin versus used margin. Technically, a 100% margin call level means that when your account margin level reaches 100%, you can still close your positions, but you cannot take any new ones.
When you’re about to hit a margin call, there will be a “red alert” on your MT4 platform. The margin call level is set to 100%.

Stop out

A stop out level is a specific point at which some or all of your active trade positions will be closed automatically (starting from the biggest loser) because of a decrease in your margin levels, meaning we can no longer support those open positions. Currently, the stop out level is set to 30%.


Hedging is allowed and margin-free, but note that the spread may affect your big-sized hedged positions especially when it goes higher based on the news, daily trading break, or weekends. You must avoid larger hedged positions if you don’t have sufficient funds in your trading accounts. To avoid losses or risk due to unexpected wider spreads, maintain sufficient balances in your account, even if the account is fully hedged.

Automated trading

Automated Trading is allowed for all account types. For more details, check our Expert Advisors

Mobile trading

Mobile Trading is allowed and free of charge. More details, visit Mobile Trading

Internal transfer

Internal transfers are allowed for the same account holder. You can easily transfer funds from your landing accounts to your trading accounts and vice versa. You can also transfer funds between MT4 trading accounts.

Swap (Interest rate)

Free for all account types: swap-free trading is available to all active traders, without exceptions. The company has the right to charge swap/or fees for holding a long term position on any symbol if there is no active trading on that symbol


The amount deposited can be withdrawn to the source account; while trading profits shall be withdrawn to bank account via wire transfer. For instance, if the trader deposits $1,000 through credit card and gained $500 by trading, he can only withdraw up to $1,000 to the same credit card. The remaining $500 profit shall be withdrawn through wire transfer.


  • Live Accounts: IMMFX-Real – IMMFX GROUP Ltd.
  • Demo Accounts: IMMFX-Demo – IMMFX GROUP Ltd.

High/Low, Stops and Slippage

High and Low are recorded from the BID price on charts; your stop loss on buying positions will be executed at the bid price. And your stop on selling positions will be executed at ASK price.
Please note that Spreads may vary depending on the currency pairs and existing market conditions. For that reason, you may not see your stop level on the chart. For more details, visit Orders Execution Mechanism


You will not enter into any transactions which fall within the definition of scalping, sniper trading strategy, or automated data entry system. Accordingly, client transactions with short duration and with a win/loss ratio significantly in the client’s favor may be deemed as abusive trading and will not be allowed. In such circumstances, IMMFX reserves the right to void/cancel part of or all your abusive trading transactions, close any or all of your trading accounts, and terminate the Trader Agreement.


Price arbitrage strategies are prohibited and IMMFX determines, at its sole discretion, what determines a price arbitrage trading strategy.

Gap trading

Stop, buy stop, sell stop or take profits are executed at the next available price. For example, if you have a BUY position on GER30 at 11,000 with SL at 10,050 and TP at 11,050, if the market opened (after weekend or holiday) at 12,000, then your Take Profit will be triggered at the next available price which may be around 12,000. but if the market opened (after weekend or holiday) at 10,000, then your Stop Loss will be triggered at the next available price which may around 10,000.

Orders execution mechanism

The price on the chart is recorded from the BID Price, which is the selling price from your side and thus, the high/low prices are also taken from the BID Price. When you place a Take Profit order or a Stop Loss order, these orders get activated only if the BID price reaches the Price level of these orders. Additionally, if you want to sell you will sell from the BID price, and your Take Profit or Stop Loss order will be activated from the ASK price.

For Zero Account

The market orders and pending orders will be activated if the BID and ASK in MarketWatch reach the price level of your orders which is different than the charts due to Spread markup for Zero Account as an alternative to commissions applied in Prime Account.

The following are the markups per each symbol folder
Symbols Markup
Majors 10 points (5 < BID and 5 > ASK)
Crosses 14 points (7 < BID and 7 > ASK)
Gold 10 points (5 < BID and 5 > ASK)
Silver 12 points (6 < BID and 6 > ASK)
CFDs-Cash 10 points (5 < BID and 5 > ASK)

Price Slippage

The difference between the price that a trader determines on the trading platform and the price he/she actually gets is called a price slippage, which in many cases may reflect the true trading nature characterized by the field of margin trading in OTC markets and its complexity. This is also what distinguishes it from the simulated trading featured in demo accounts.
When a trader places pending orders on the platform, these orders are not passed to liquidity providers as pending limit orders. But when market prices reach the predefined price level on the platform, it translates into an immediate market order passed to the liquidity providers, who in turn execute the order according to the prices available in the market at that time. This matching process may take a few seconds or parts of a second, meaning prices that the liquidity providers execute may differ in varying degrees from those specified on the platform. This may cause concern or discomfort among some traders, especially those trading in the short term.
Therefore, when a trader places stop-loss, profit-taking orders, or any type of pending orders, including a market orders to open or close positions, price slippage is expected to occur through most trading hours. These slippages become more evident during sudden market movements following news and economic data releases, political statements, sudden entry of major participants, and the intervention of central banks.
Nevertheless, IMMFX strives to find liquidity providers that offer ultra-fast execution and we are also constantly looking to develop technology that contributes to minimizing price slippage. Accordingly, no trader can get the exact prices they see on the platform 100% of the time, regardless of which available type of order on the platform is used. Here are some examples of price slippage:
  • If the current rate of the euro against the dollar is EURUSD = 1.17400 / 1.17420 and you want to buy at market price, you may get the price at 1.17427 and less or more depending on the market speed.
  • When you place a stop-loss order at 1.16800, the stop-loss order may be activated at a lower rate than that, depending on the speed of the market decline.
  • If you have an open buy trade at 1.17427 for example and the price rose to 1.17760 and you want to close this order then you may get the same price or less than it or more depending on the market speed as well if you put a stop-loss order at break-even (1.17247). Assuming that you will exit without losses, the execution may take place at a price lower than 1.17427, and therefore you may experience a slight loss.
  • When you place a Buy Stop order at 1.18000 in the hope that it will open a new trade if the prices continue to rise, you may get 1.18010 or more depending on the speed of the rise, as is the case when you intend to sell a trade while prices are falling by placing your Sell Stop order.
The bottom line, here, is that slippage works against traders most of the time, especially those who trade in the short-term or on days when economic data is released. Therefore, all traders must accept the direct and indirect risks associated with OTC trading activity.

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