Brokers (IBs)

The IMMFX Introducing Brokers (IBs) program offers introducers and affiliates around the world the opportunity to profit from their relationships and introductions.

Steps to open a Partner Account

Submit Application
Fill out our online account opening form in about 5 minutes; no printing necessary.
Upload Identification
IMMFX accepts any other government-issued photographic identification and utility bill/bank statement less than three months old.
Fund Account
Fund with bank wire transfer, Perfect Money, or any other available funding method.
Open an IB Account

Benefits as an IMMFX affiliate broker:

  • Very competitive IB commission structure
  • Ability to earn rebates each day
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help build and support your business
  • Easy withdrawal options for your commissions

BackOffice for Partners

Every IMMFX Partner has access to a separate BackOffice control panel where they can manage fee groups, view client activities, check rebates/commissions, and review activity reports.
To log in, simply click on the ‘IBs Login’ option from the top of our website or visit (note that the Partner BackOffice login page is not the same as the Traders’ control panel login page).

Rebate type

There are generally three types of rebate that an IB can receive from any brokerage firm:
  • A portion of the spread is sometimes returned to the IB/AM. This varies from one instrument to another i.e 0.5 pips of EURUSD is not equal to 0.5 pips of USDJPY.
  • A fixed amount of money in USD may be paid to the IB/AM per lot that is traded.
  • A percentage of the trade or notional value.
IMMFX gives rebates to its IBs in the form of fixed commissions in USD per lot traded on most instruments, and a percentage of the notional value for stocks. Half of the rebate is given when a trade is opened, with the rest following after the trade is closed.

Fee group

IBs can manage their rebates by selecting which account type they want to offer for their clients as a primary when the clients open their accounts. IBs can change primary fee groups to suit their business needs.

Affiliate link

Partners will have their affiliate link in their profile on BackOffice, which they can promote their business on other blogs or websites.

Unlimited 10% earning Sub-partners

When you introduce another partner to IMMFX, the new partner becomes a sub-partner of yours. As a reward, 10% commission on all the earnings generated by that sub-partner will be granted to you by IMMFX. There is no upper limit on sub partner commissions, so the more commissions your sub-partner makes, the greater your 10% share will be.

Commission withdrawal

Partners should consider the following before withdrawing their commissions:
  • Minimum withdrawal of commission is $200.
  • You must first have 5 active clients within the first 90 days.
A $20 fee will apply for withdrawals through wire transfers to the same/original bank account. A $80 fee will apply for other bank accounts or other countries. In special cases, we allow internal transfers to IBs clients to collect cash through them in order to save on bank fees.

IB commission structure

Symbols Commission per turnaround lot (Prime Account)
FX Majors $6
FX Crosses $6
FX Exotic $6
Gold $6
Silver $6
CFDs -Cash $6
Stocks 0.05%
Cryptos 0.05%

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